An unusual bicycle, known as the Dursley-Pedersen, had been known in England for many years. It was designed, and produced in the town of Dursley in Gloucestershire, by a Dane called Mikael Pedersen.


Nobody seemed to know more about him other than he was a Dane who had come to live in Dursley together with his Danish wife. He was known as the "Danish Engineer", inventor of many things, who was employed by the agricultural machinery manufacturer Lister and Co. also at Dursley.

He was an enthusiastic participant in the local social life. But who was he, in fact, where did he come from and what became of him? For many years this was quite a mystery, such a famous man must have been known in Denmark. At one time, the English newspaper "The Times", sent a reporter to Denmark to find the family of this Mikael Pedersen, descendants who might know something. As the Pedersen name is so common, the mission ended without result and the question as to "Who was Mikael Pedersen?" remained unanswered until 1976.