How can one sum up the personality of this man? Often so deep in thought, keenly musical, obstinate, restless, socially extrovert, unbelievably inventive and creative, charming, warm-hearted and helpful, having had a fantastic life and much, much more, but completely lacking comprehension of the cold world of business.

Here in this pauper's grave lay the remains of the inventor of such an important thing of the times, the Cream separator. Where, in reality, it should have been the Danish Ministry of Agriculture that should have raised a memorial to an inventor who made such big improvement to Danish agriculture, it was instead a group of English cyclists who gave him the honour he should have had in Denmark.

A ceremony was held in Dursley in 1979 where a memorial plaque was unveiled at Raglan House the whole town taking part, as well the Danish ambassador and about 200 Dursley-Pedersen owners from all over the country.

In England, Germany and Denmark, enthusiast clubs were started, and a new production of Pedersen cycles, known as the "Christiaina-cycle" began in Copenhagen and was soon to be exported all over the world.