In the parish from Fløng (near Roskilde) one can read, that on the 25th. October 1855, a son was born to Peder Hansen and wife Karen Mathiasdatter (daughter of Mathias) in Marbjerg and christened at home as Mikael Pedersen, Peders son, the parents were well-to-do farmers as were the grandparents whose farm at Marbjerg they lived on in the beginning.

On 13th. December 1859, Mikael Pedersen's parents bought Skademosegård, a farm, and it was here that Mikael Pedersen grew up. It wasn't agriculture that interested Mikael Pedersen, who quickly began to show signs of his mechanical ability. He started school in Fløng, and after school time, he used to spend most of his time with the smith Willum Sørensen in Marbjerg. He started to help the smith, and already as a boy he began to think up small inventions. The smith had just established a Dairy school in Marbjerg. Mikael Pedersen started as an apprentice smith at the Maglekilde Maskinfabrik in Roskilde, where his special ability, very quickly, caught their eye. He invented a corn thresher that could separate the chaff and hired out this machine to local farmers. He invented a transmission system, a gear system for horse drawn mills, a braking system for waggons, and many other things for which he was able to obtain patent rights.

Mikael Pedersen was also very musical, at only 14 years of age he played in the local orchestra, playing several different instruments, and appearing at local weddings and other celebrations. Although Mikael Pedersen was a smith by trade he is listed as a musician in the local census of 1880.