This is a beautiful restored Gentlemen Roadster Size 2, frame no. 4362.

The owner, a V-CC member, bought this, at the Beaulieu-fair (2002) in the south of England, in poor condition, but exceptionally complete, only the rims and mudguards had to be obtained. The saddle is new, woven by another V-CC member.

The owner restored the bicycle at home, he is a retired bicycle dealer. The paint used is: "Triumph BRG 75" (BRG - British Racing Green).
"I'm very happy with the result of the restoration, and I judge it as very successful".
All photos courtesy © Kjell Ahlqvist


Sturmey-Archer 3 speed hub (original). That is, it says BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) on the hub, but it's because Sturmey-Archer and BSA had a partnership at that time. Sturmey-Archer gear shifter (original). Mounted at the Dursley Pedersen factory.