Anders Mellerup (born 23 Feb 1873) was one of several Danish artisans that Mikael Pedersen persuaded to join him in England. He served his apprenticeship and worked as a smith at Roskilde Maskinfabrik. It was here he became acquainted with the Cream Separator and Mikael Pedersen. When Anders Mellerup reached his 21st birthday Mikael Pedersen persuaded this clever and skilful young man to come to England, where the future for Cream Separator production would be.


Anders Mellerup went to Dursley and having talent for business and economy, as well as being skilful, he soon became responsible for all production of Cream Separators at Listers.This gave Mikael Pedersen more time to concentrate on development and invention, even more so when Anders Mellerup, later, also became foreman for cycle production. Anders Mellerup and Mikael Pedersen were very different types but they had great respect for each other.

Jens Jørgensen and Rasmussen were two other Danish journeymen, from the Roskilde district, who Mikael Pedersen got to come and work with cycle production in Dursley. Little is known about them except that they were both good cyclists winning many races on Dursley-Pedersens, to the surprise of many.

Mikael Pedersen, Anders Mellerup, Jens Jørgensen, and Rasmussen made their mark on the small town, their behaviour often causing indignation in those Victorian times. They appear in the local historical archives, and this interval of time is referred to as The Danish period. It's often compared to the second Viking era when Danish Vikings sailed up the river Severn to reach the environs of Dursley.