Garage Port

Some years ago I fould this on a garage door in Århus, Denmark.

Enlarge photo (108 kb)

I asked the owner on the gargedoor by email, how it came about.

"Dear Pedersen
I got artist Hans Krull to make a linoleum cut of Gustav Wied (Danish author) from a picture brought in Roskilde Gazette (Roskilde Denmark) 1914, to my good friend blacksmith Tore Horn, who made Dursley Pedersen bikes in his smithy in Tustrup, Djursland, Denmark, I printed the cut in serigraphy on vinyl for his bikes (Labels).
When I moved to Århus in 1988, I painted the cut at my gargagedoor."

Keld Preuthun

It's not difficult to see, where the inspiration comes from ...


A photo of Gustav Wied, author and friend of Mikael Pedersen.