Maker: Jesper Sølling. Note: Jesper Sølling no longer manufacture his Pedersen.

This is a medium size bicycle. As you can see the saddle here is a modern saddle with a nylon-strap and a leather seat. The connection between the rear-end of the saddle and the chainstay is a rod studding.
This bicycle is spray coated.

Photo courtesy Lars Andersen.

Very nice looking model assembled by "Christiania Bicycles".
This is a "Chopper" model, the frontfork is extended.
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Photo courtesy Lars Andersen

Again a "Chopper" assembled by "Christiania Bicycles".
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Photo courtesy Lars Andersen

It's a little bit difficult to see that it has wooden fenders.

Cardan machine

Jesper Sølling has made a few of these machines - without any chain.

Triplet Copenhagen Pedersen

Photo courtesy Jesper Sølling.

Needlees to commenton this - machine. The brakes are not operated by wires, but uses oil to press the brakes.

Knock down Model

Photo courtesy Jesper Sølling.

It's called a knock down model because the frame is assemblet with bolts and not moulded. If you look carefully on this machine, you can see the bolt heads that holds the tubes to the bottom bracket.

Ladies Model

Photo courtesy Jesper Sølling.

He's not happy to make them cause Ladies are not that easy to make :-) As far as I can remember this bicycle Jesper Sølling made for his daugther.

Ladies (in raw format).

Photo courtesy Jesper Sølling.