David E. Evans, The Ingenious Mr Pedersen.

Finn Wodschow: Særtryk af ROMU, Årsskrift fra Roskilde museum 1996, "Mikael Pedersen fra Marbjerg".

Canberra Bicycle Museum, Australia.
Gert Wiik.
Tom Taylor.
Tom Eggert Hansen
Jesper Sølling
Mads Rasmussen
Brian Donnan.
... and others as stated on the pages.

David E Evans, The Ingenious Mr Pedersen.

First published by Allan Sutton, Dursley, 1978, ISBN 0750900644.
Auch in Deutsch.
Unfortunately this book is sold out and there is no saying when it will come on the market again. :-((

Not availble at the moment (Amazon.com)
More about David Evans on "Pedersen on tour"

David Evans published a new book on Mr. Pedersen in 2007 A Man of Genius.

David B. Perry:
"Bike Cult" (pp105.106)

The Dursley Gazette. 22 Sep. 1995:
"Last journey of a cycle genius" by Allan Guy


Finn Wodschow:

"Særtryk" af ROMU, Årsskrift fra Roskilde museum 1996, "Mikael Pedersen fra Marbjerg". Finn Wodschow er redaktør af Cycle Historisk Tidende

Roskilde Museum
Sct. Ols Gade 15, 4000 Roskilde
Tlf: 46 36 60 44 Fax: 46 32 16 47


Finn Wodschow wrote this book "Mikael Pedersen 1855 - 1929"

Politiken 1 Maj 1993 Bil og Båd:

Cykeltest: "Pedersen cykel af Michael Andersen"

Jyllands Posten 24 Sep. 1995:
"Cykel-geniets sidste rejse" af Niels Victor Christiansen


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