Last journey of a cycle genius, by Allan Guy, The Gazette, Sep 22 1995, No. 6,074.

“Genius, inventor and maker of the pioneering Dursley Pedersen cycle,
Mikael Pedersen exhumed from an unmarked pauper's grave in Denmark, was reburied in Dursley cemetery yesterday.

Around 100 members of his family, friends and Pedersen cycle enthusiasts gathered as his remains, contained in a former port wine box, were lowered into the grave.”


Three daughters of Pedersen's son, Svend, and two daughters of his son Vagn, together with five grandchildren, travelled from Denmark for the service.

So did Finn Wodschow, a Pedersen cycle enthusiast who tussled with the sometimes helpful, sometimes obstructive Danish authorities for permission to exhume and export Pedersen's remains. Although they demanded a passport for him, they did request a photograph.

There was also present a representative from the Danish Embassy and members of the Mellerup family from Dursley.

With Leslie Bowerman, president of the Veteran Cycle Club, Mr. Wodschow lowered Pedersen's remains as Pedersen cycle enthusiast the Rev. Patrick Birt, from Dorset, and Dursley town councillor the Rev. Ernest Clarke conducted a service.

Monumental masons Mossfords, of Thornbury, provided free, a black tombstone engraved with a Pedersen cyclist and the inscription:

Mikael Pedersen,
Inventor 1855-1929
Reinterred 1995
The last Journey."

The graveside ceremony ended with Pedersen's relatives laying a commemorative wreath at the foot of the tombstone. Town Mayor of Dursley Cllr. Pat Connors had welcomed everyone to the service.

Enthusiasts who gather for the annual Pedersen run round Windsor Great Park on Sunday may now consider making an annual visits here.

More photos of the reinterrment can be seen on Brian Donnan's site here: