Only a few of them have ever been produced.

Lars Andersen "made" this bike (drawings by Lars Andersen - created by Jesper Sølling), he rode it some years ago in races at an average speed of 56 km/h. (Written in 1998)

Lars Andersen did some modifications to the frame, but all in all it's a Pedersen.

The bike is handmade with really beautiful workmanship.
The front wheel is 26" erto 571, rearwheel 770c, ertro 622. It has 14 speed gears.

As you can see, from the photo, the rear wheel is very close to the bottom bracket, this is due to the fact that Lars Andersen had to split the frame to make the bike shorter.

Lars Andersen had to make a special seat for the bike. It isn't what we would normally consider as a hammock seat, but it is. The seat can be adjusted.