Until 1877 Mikael Pedersen lived with his parents at Skademosegård, but at 22 years of age he bought a piece of land with a small house, in Smedevænget in Marbjerg. The small house was soon full of drawings and models of Mikael Pedersen's numerous ideas and inventions and there just wasn't enough room.


Mikael Pedersen's improvements to the cream separator at Roskilde Maskinfabrik, had, in the meantime, made him into a very prosperous man. He built a much bigger house on the same ground in Marbjerg, of course doing the drawings himself. It was the most remarkable house in the district, later known as "Villaen" (The Villa), and still exists.

Mikael Pedersen lived here with his first wife Laura. The marriage was only brief, but Mikael Pedersen later met Dagmar, probably a local girl from Roskilde, who followed him to England. Mikael Pedersen was not short of money, but from the deeds of the house it can be seen that he wasn't very prompt with his payments as he received many demands that were however, always, later, suddenly paid in cash, The house was also paid for in cash.